Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mama I love you. Mama, I care :)

I MY MOM. My mom’s name is Norlaila Abdul Manaf. She was born on 14th of April , 1962 at Pontian, Johor. She such a hard working, brave and having a spirit’s person. When papa is passed away, mama was taking care for every responsibility to my two elder sister and me. Mama such a resolute people to face all the obstacles when she is single. She was very hard working mom on that time. She brought us up with complete education in many aspects such as ethics value, responsibility towards our religion and attitude manners. Mama also hope that we can succeed in our study with the flying colors result. As mama wishes, my sister and me had been continue study to the higher education, which is became an University’s students. My ‘along’ , Norliana Ramli, had her diploma at UiTM Segamat and got her bachelor in Accountacy from UPSI, and now she is an accountings’ teacher. My ‘angah’ also done her diploma at UPM, Serdang Selangor and was taking Diploma in Humans Science. Now she is married and have a daughter. Not just them can make my mom proud with their success. HEE. Now I am a fast track and bachelor’s student at UiTM Bandaraya Melaka taking in Human Resource Management. I had took my diploma in just 3 semester, at UiTM Sarawak for the two semester and one semester only at UiTM Larkin, Johor. What an amazing opportunities that I got right ? I ♥ my mom more than the other. She’s just like my best friend, who always by my side in no matters what. Every little things that she said and did was right for me and all that her did was love to us. ALHAMDULILLAH. With the blessed from ALLAH, now my mom was married to Mohd Agus Bin Sulaiman, a man that we called as ‘ayah’ and had taking care of my family since April 2005. My mom and dad also got a award from god to have a very cute and smart son, Atiq Zikri and he is 3 years old this year. We love him very much. He is like the special gift from god to our family. Mama, thanks for your sacrifice and you deserve with what u have now. Thank you ALLAH for giving happiness to us. I love my happy family ever and ever.

sayang mama :
- miaa-

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