Sunday, March 28, 2010

i miss you.

My father, Mr. Ramli Bin Jasmin passed away at the age of 39 on Saturday, the 8th of April 1999 at around 10:30 p.m. He had been diagnosed a few months before with liver cancer. He passed at Hospital Kota Tinggi. He was comfortable, in no pain, lucid, and surrounded by his family. One couldn't hope for a better transition to the next world. He such very a good daddy to me. Eventhough he is very week condition on that time, he still can fulfill what I want. On that time, I was 9 years old, which is just a little kids, who does not know anything. He can still pick me up at school in the afternoon by riding a motorcycle and bought me a paddle pop ice-cream and brought me to the ‘cendol’ stall, for everyday. He also treat my schoolmate very kindly. My friends always said that my dad was a really cool guy. I didn't see it at the time, but I certainly see it now. Now, I cant say too much. I really miss him like crazy. When a loved one passes away, all that is left are memories of what was.

The day you answered God's call
Left an empty space
My world came crashing down
I couldn’t breathe…couldn’t talk…
I felt so numb, I couldn’t walk.

It was so hard to believe
That you were gone.
Thinking of you brings tears to my eyes
I never thought I would see your demise
Who will teach me right from wrong?
Now that you are gone?

papa, you put me through varsity
You did that by working with your hands
You built big buildings and painted tall walls
Times were tough that I knew
You did what you could, to help me through

You could fixed anything you laid your hands on
There wasn’t a thing you couldn’t do
With a little cement or some glue
Just thinking about this, is making me blue!

Now its time for me to let you go
The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
But before I do,
I want you to know, I’m so sorry for all I put you through
I Love you Papa.
More than words can describe
I wish you were here, I wish you were alive!

Dear my friends,let us recite an al-fatehah, to my late father.
hope he will live peacefully there. ameeen

need you :