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Hello buddies. Here i am gladly to shared with you guys about one of the super-heroine in the cartoons character. Lets check it out. :)

what is the wonder woman ?
Wonder Woman is the most widely recognized and the most popular super-heroine in comic books.

Who is the creator of the wonder woman ?

The creator of Wonder Woman was William Moulton Marstont. Marstont is a psychologist and the inventor of the polygraph, was outspoken to the potential ability of comic books to be an educational and inspirational force. His wife, Elizabeth, who had the idea to make the new character in the making a woman since the superhero genre in the early 1940s was completely conquer by male superheroes, such as batman & superman.

Why he want to create the wonder woman character ?
Marston wanted to create a new kind of superhero, one that thrived off of intelligence and love. Marston wanted Wonder Woman to be a role model for young women. He wanted girls to see her strength, her free spirit and her smarts as a way that they should be. From his work with polygraphs and in psychology, Marston had a firm belief that women were more honest and reliable than man, and that they should utilize these strengths to realize power and strength in the real world.

What is the wonder woman's background and her capabilities?
The real name of this amazing Wonder Woman is Diana Themyscira. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the leader of the Amazons. Queen Hippolyta created her out of clay and her wish of motherhood was granted to her by the Greek gods. Created to battle the god Ares, Diana fights for Earth as an ambassador and protector .She got an awesome powers which are super strength, flight, razor sharp golden tiara, lasso of truth, unbreakable silver bracelets also power of invisible vehicles made at will. Wonder Woman’s ability to create invisible vehicles can also be stretched to make a complete fortress, known as the Wonderdome. She was touted as being stronger than Hercules and more beautiful than Aphrodite. Besides, She is a vital member of the Justice League of America.

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE WONDER WOMAN.I think wonder woman is a very cool character and most probably i like it because she has very an awesome's powers. Besides, nowadays, women's power become more significance compared to the man's power. I wish i could be smart and helpful like a wonder woman for every seconds in my life .

-miathewonderwoman ♥-

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