Thursday, March 25, 2010

- not sleepy-

see my 'memek muka' ? hahaha ( maluuu )

Why i am not sleepy yet ?
Now is 4 : 49 am, and i am still here with my Fb & Blog.
DERGHHHH. to much of assignment that i need to settle down BEFORE the study week and final. and
i felt so tired like i was hiking a mountain. hmm :(

Sir, pity me plisss.
Dont be to strict when u marking my assignment.
I am still in a learning process to create this blog.
But.. it is like i am failed to do so. :(
I am sorry sir.
Whatever it is, i had trying my best to accomplish this task and
i had gain much of knowledge which gave benefits in my life.

h a p p y :)

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